Peter Field: “Recession is the best time to invest in brand building”

Posted on 10 November 2022 in

Peter Field: “Recession is the best time to invest in brand building”

Advertisers investing in brand building during difficult times will reap the rewards when it comes to long-term effectiveness, says Field

Speaking at a Newsworks event in Manchester on Wednesday, the effectiveness expert said brand building is “vitally important” and growing in importance all the time.

“As we go into what looks set to be a long and deep recession, branding building is absolutely essential,” he told delegates.

Referencing the IPA Databank study, he explained why campaigns that use news brands are more likely to deliver major long-term business effects than those which do not. “News brands can do this because of their strong impact on brand trust and quality perceptions,” he said.

“Trust is gradually nudging its way to become one of the most important brand metrics associated with profit growth, along with quality,” he continued. “News brands are fantastic tools for building trust in brands; it’s about the content, context and visibility. The more brands use news brands, the more they grow trust — it’s a halo effect.”

He also told the audience at the Everyman Cinema that “news brands have strengths that other digital platforms do not have”, saying they help boost other media, particularly around attention levels. “They have a unique ability to plug weaknesses with other digital platforms, which is a testament to the quality of news brands,” he said.

Field concluded by urging advertisers to value journalism, saying “news brands are an important media and have a clearly defined and vital role on any media schedule.”