Alaska Milk teams up with Internews’ Ads for News to support local journalism

Posted on 07 April 2023 in

Makati City: Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC), with its mission of providing affordable quality nutrition and contributing to nation-building, has committed to direct digital advertising spend to trusted, local news websites across the Philippines.

“To complement our mission which guides how we operate in the last 50 years, AMC is proud to be contributing to a healthy information environment through this partnership with Internews. This is our pledge to help all sectors not just in the food manufacturing but also in other sectors such as health, environment, livelihood, and food security”, said AMC Managing Director Tarang Gupta.

This comes as AMC, along with other leading brands in the Philippines and globally, invest more sustainably, and in turn, curb spend going to websites that spread disinformation and hate speech.

“Alaska’s progressive move to support local journalism is a shining example of how  a company’s social mission can be integrated into the core business practices creating win-win outcomes not just for the company but for the nation. Plus, trusted local news provides advertisers with greater reach into diverse consumer segments, and ad environments in which brands and their products are associated with quality content,” said Ads for News Director Chris Hajecki.

“We hope this move by Alaska inspires other leading brands to follow suit,” he added.

Ads for News is a global program led by Internews, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and GroupM, which aims to provide crucial ad support for trusted, local news media organizations as they face financial woes. It also aims to curb funds from inadvertently going to websites that publish fake news.

In the Philippines, Ads for News partnered with the Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ) to evaluate trusted, local news websites using quality journalism standards and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Brand Safety and Suitability Standards. The Makati Business Club (MBC) is also a country partner in advocacy among leading companies in the private sector.

“AMC understands that nation-building is anchored on truth-telling and a work-in-progress. The prospects and effects of progressive nation building are enhanced considerably if members of the private sector, civil society and government find innovative ways to work harmoniously through partnerships such as this,” remarked Mr. Gupta.

About Alaska

Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC) was established in 1972 and registered as a corporation with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission in 1994. Its principal office is in Makati City, and the manufacturing plant is in San Pedro City, Laguna, Philippines.

For 50 years, AMC has been committed to providing affordable nutrition to every Filipino and contributing to nation-building by offering families and children a wide range of delicious, high-quality dairy and dairy-based products. We have been bringing nutrition to every Filipino across all stages and occasions of their lives.

In 2012, AMC was acquired by Royal FrieslandCampina (RFC), a Dutch multinational dairy cooperative based in Amersfoort, Netherlands. RFC is considered one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, composed of 15,703 member-dairy farmers in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. RFC supplies consumer products, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese; infant nutrition and desserts; products for the professional market, such as cream and butter products; and ingredients and semi-finished products for producers of infant nutrition, the food industry, and the pharmaceutical sector. RFC has branches in 32 countries and exports to more than 100 countries worldwide.

About Ads for News Philippines

Ads for News, an Internews-led initiative in cooperation with the World Economic Forum and GroupM, is a response to the financial decline and instability of independent media around the world. Our partner in the Philippines, Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ), leads the vetting of trusted, independent news websites against international journalism and the GARM Brand Safety and Suitability standards. The ultimate aim of the initiative is to support trusted local news outlets, improve access to information, and prevent ad budgets from inadvertently reaching websites that spread disinformation.

About Internews

Internews is a nonprofit that supports independent media in 100 countries. Internews trains journalists and digital rights practitioners, tackles disinformation, and offers business expertise to help media outlets thrive financially. For 40 years, it has helped partners reach millions of people with trustworthy information that saves lives, improves livelihoods, and holds institutions accountable. In the Philippines, Internews works with partners from media, academia, civil society, and the business community to protect and improve a healthy information ecosystem, responding to challenges like attacks against media, disinformation, closing civic space, climate crisis, and public health.