Indonesian Cyber Media Association partners with Ads for News

Posted on 21 February 2022 in

Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI) and Ads for News (AFN) have partnered to help support trusted local news outlets in Indonesia, ensuring more programmatic ad spend is directed to their websites. This increased spend is secured through AMSI-led researchers vetting news websites against international journalism and brand safety and suitability standards— ultimately creating a safe passage for brands and agencies to target inventory.

Indonesia’s robust and diverse digital news environment makes this work a sizable endeavor. To accomplish it, AMSI has assembled a team of nearly thirty researchers, with AFN conducting the training in its standard methodology and tools to ensure the integrity of the indexing.

Indonesian Cyber Media Association is one of Indonesia’s largest and most reputable media associations for online news publishers. Their over 400 members across twenty-four provinces include community, regional, and national digital news outlets.

The Ads for News Index and research data will be available to brands and agencies by July 2022.

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